Tattoo School

OUR FIVE DAY WORKSHOP - preparing you for a TATTOO apprenticeship

After a successful 25-year career immersed in the craft of tattooing, Gill (@gilltattoo) is offering a remarkable opportunity for budding tattoo artists at Tattoo Machine in Dixon St, Wellington, New Zealand – a Brand New Tattoo School.

It is a high-intensity introduction for those new to the craft; setting artists up to make a go of it as practitioners in this exciting, and possibly the worlds most guarded, industry. This workshop, truly is a world first.

Tattoo Machine, one of New Zealand’s longest-standing studios and Wellington’s most prolific, has been going strong since 2010. Since establishing the studio and building up a loyal clientele, Gill has been hosting some of the world’s best tattoo artists as guests in his studio. Now it could be your turn!

A skilled and highly experienced artist whose works have been published in international Tattoo Magazines including Total Tattoo, Tattoo Candy and Tattoos Downunder, Gill is now ready and willing to pass on his expertise and share his knowledge.

Tattoo Studio - Gill

What will I learn?

Our course runs out of our Tattoo Machine Studio on Dixon St in Wellington. Over 5 full days, you’ll be learning in a working Tattoo Studio, and everything you do will be under the strict supervision of Gill.

With a maximum number of 2 students per class, you’ll get Gills’ total attention, making it a more personal experience

This course is designed to get you started with an apprenticeship in a reputable studio in your home country or local neighbourhood, again this will be easily achievable if you are creative and can draw.

Everything you need to complete the course will be provided. After the course, you will leave with the skills and tools to continue expanding your portfolio, having learned how to operate with integrity, be safe and clean, ensuring your clients leave you as happy as you are, on course completion.

Please bring your portfolio with you to the workshop and any tattooing equipment you already own. On Day Five, you’ll also need to bring someone to tattoo – we recommend a close friend or family member.

Course Contents

Day One:

  • Cross Contamination
  • Sterilisation
  • Equipment
  • Needle gauges
  • Tattoo Waiver
  • Tattoo Aftercare

Day Two:

  • Set up
  • Depth
  • Power
  • Practice on Skins and Fruit

Day Three:

  • Stencil Prep
  • Skin Prep
  • Tattoo yourself with assistance from Gill

Day Four:

  • Design Placement
  • Composition
  • Sizing
  • iPad Tricks
  • Tattoo Integrity

Day Five:

  • Tattooing your own Client*
  • Photo Taking
  • Portfolio Presentation

* On Day Five, you’ll need to bring someone to Tattoo – a family member or close friend are suggested

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